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Tree Felling, Crown Reductions, Crown Lifting, Stump Grinding and more by Top Tree Fella's

At Top Tree Fella's we do far more than just fell trees, but that's where will start in the list of some of the tasks we can perform.

Tree felling by Top Tree Fella's

Tree Felling

This is an easy job to do but far more difficult to get the trees to land were you want them and a tree landing in the wrong place can do a lot of damage or in some cases prove fatal!

Depending on location and proximity to buildings roads and obstacles a decision is made to either take the tree down in one using directional felling techniques or, where space does not allow, using a sectional felling method where a climber is usually sent into the tree and the cut the tree into manageable sized pieces to either drop to the ground or to be lowered safely down.

Rigging by Top Tree Fella's


The art of dismantling parts of, or whole, trees using ropes block and pulleys to lower sections down to the ground in a controlled safe manor.

Crown reductions by Top Tree Fella's

Crown Reductions

The reduction in height and or spread of the crown (the foliage bearing portions) of a tree.

Crown reductions is carried out to make the tree more suited to its immediate environment or to reduce the effects of shading and light loss in many instances it can also be used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the tree as a whole.

Crown lift by Top Tree Fella's

Crown Lift

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches of a tree. Crown lifting is an effective method of increasing light transmission to areas to the tree or to enable access under the crown.

Crown thin by Top Tree Fella's

Crown Thin

Crown thinning is the removal of smaller branches usually at the outer crown. It is to broad leaved species. Common reasons for crown thinning are to allow more light to pass through the tree, reduce wind resistance and on occasions to reduce weight. This work should not exceed 30% of the crown overall.

Pollarding by Top Tree Fella's


Removal of the top of a tree at a prescribed height to encourage multi stem branching from that point. Once started it should be repeated on a regular basis cutting back to the initial Pollard point.

Pruning by Top Tree Fella's


Minor pruning during the early years of a trees growth to establish desired form and to correct defects or weakness. Carried out to fruit trees to reduce congestion and aid healthy fruiting and relieve stress on individual branches when bearing future fruit.

Stump grinding by Top Tree Fella's

Stump grinding

Once a tree has been cut to ground level the stump is removed using a stump grinder. This is a machine a large rotating wheel that grinds/shreds the stump into small pieces to prevent re-growth of the tree and utilise the area of ground for future projects.

Dead wooding by Top Tree Fella's

Dead wooding

Removing or shortening of non-living branches that could pose a risk if they were to fall at some point.

Top Tree Fella's take safety very seriously.